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Member Testimonials

Below are testimonials we have received from our members. Please read each carefully to get a better idea of the service we provide and how it has helped our members grow their bankroll.

Franklin Wabash

United Kingdom

"I'm impressed! The quality of tips at Vip Tipsters is top shelf."

Ayoub Tasev


"While my English is not so wonderful, the tips from VIP Tipsters are. This is best site ever. Love it."

Soren Lovric


"I was so lucky to find Vip Tipsters. They make me feel like a VIP and I win many bets."

Max Nielson

Faroe Islands

"Some tips sites I've tried treat their members like dirt. But not Vip Tipsters. Here I am a VIP tip and I receive the high quality tips my money deserves."

Denis Andre


"I'm winning so many more bets now thanks to Vip Tipsters. The tips here are excellent. I will be a member for life."

Simon Balogh


In my first month using tips from Vip Tipsters I won over 5,600 EUR. I can't wait to see how much I win in month 2!"

Pete Myer


"I love everything about this site from the quality of the tips to the consistent time the tips arrive in my inbox to the accuracy of the site's tips history and more. This is the best tips site I've ever seen."

Medhi Khachatryan


"I never thought myself, a resident of a small town in Armenia, would have access to such high quality tips. Thank you Internet and thank you Vip Tipsters."

Alex Rodriguez


"If you like to win soccer bets there is no better site than Vip Tipsters. Emanuele does a terrific job finding the best tips for members. I won 1,400 EUR on my last bet!"